Hey, Welcome to my review of Xcelerate.


What Is Xcelerate?


Xcelerate is a new product from Jake Galbraith, and is based on using the attraction marketing on the social media giant FaceBook, and leveraging your profile for high ticket commission sales upwards of $1000+


You can succeed with Xcelerate – 


  • Without selling
  • No paid ads
  • No website
  • No Email List
  • Without Being On Camera
  • Free Daily Traffic
  • High Ticket Commissions
  • 100% Proven
  • From A Mobile Phone


Check out Xcelerate here >>> https://www.jakeyboom.com/sales-page/


Now it’s all video training, and there is no stone left unturned in attention to detail when it comes to this information training product. 

Firstly there is a welcome video, then a video on another high ticket product Jake is recommending. Then the overview, and onto the main training of Xcelerate.


The main purpose of this training is to firstly optimize your facebook profile for business, create engagement through helpful posts and interaction.

This then helps you elevate to the authority figure or “guru” in your field, and have people coming to you for help and advice, then you send them to whichever offer fits them best, and you get paid commissions!! 


The Xcelerate method shown can be done in any niche, and from anywhere, even just on a mobile phone, if there is no access to a computer or laptop.

This is attraction marketing and you “sell” without actually selling and earn from $100 to $1000+

This is done as people will notice your “guru” status with your engaging and helpful posts, and call to actions in these posts to let people know they can contact you if any questions are needed. This is when you build up a friendly status, offering advice, warming the prospects and then choosing which product you are offering suits them best.

Jake has proven this method himself countless times.


Firstly you will set your profile up, Jake shows you how you can make it professional and optimized for your particular niche.

Then you are shown where to be looking for products you will ultimately be sending your prospects too.


So you will be creating content, in your niche, posting it on your facebook as free content. This is extremely powerful and should not be overlooked, and once you have put yourself as that guru, through these posts, your prospects will be coming straight to you asking for recommendations. 


Jake shows you next how to create content in your niche. He uses various platforms online, to grab content from, so if you’re new to this, you don’t have to worry about writing your own content.  


Also shown in Xcelerate is how to get the traffic/potential customers. And then onto how you should be dealing with your prospects, as Jake explains there is a definite process you should be following when talking to your prospects. 


There is also a 28 day challenge that makes you take action with this method, and hopefully you see some success! 


Overall, Xcelerate is a great information product to get your facebook profile set up for free targeted traffic and high ticket sales.


They also give you some additional bonuses as an extra and to use alongside Xcelerate.


Check out Xcelerate here >>> https://www.jakeyboom.com/sales-page/


Prices And Upsells 


Below are the prices and upgrades you can get with Xcelerate.


Xcelerate FE – Price/ $9.97

You will learn how to leverage free traffic to make high ticket commissions. This is a 100% proven method by Jake to earn big commissions by giving value and using attraction marketing


Upgrade 1 – The Xcelerator – Price/ $27

Customers will find out how to tap into Jake’s secret conversion system, and how to get paid recurring income’s


Upgrade 2 – “DFY” Campaigns Price: $47/Downsell: $35

You will be able to steal 20 done for you campaigns that we have personally created for you to use. All you have to do is copy & paste your way to success


Upgrade 3 – “DFY” Super Funnel Price: $97/Downsell: $67

You will be able to import a done for you funnel personally made by us to place on your profile to build your list and earn commissions daily.


Upgrade 4 – License RightsPrice: $97/Downsell: $67

Sell Xcelerate as your own and earn 100% commissions throughout the whole funnel


Upgrade 5 – 1 On 1 Coaching Price: $197/Downsell: $97

You get 1 hour coaching session with Jake on how to use Xcelerate to its full potential or answer any internet marketing questions you have


Check out Xcelerate here >>> https://www.jakeyboom.com/sales-page/

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