Hello Everyone, Thank you for visiting me here at Jakeyboom.com.

@Universal, Singapore

You have made your way here probably from watching one of my Review or Tip/Training videos. Give yourself a big pat on the back from me for doing that! Thank you!! 😁

My intentions for this website/blog is to bring honest helpful reviews on software and info products, and to provide tips and training videos in the MMO niche to all you guys and girls out there. So if you are interested in saving some time and money, please subscribe and follow my journey. Also make sure subscribe to my YouTube channel.

So Who is Jake Galbraith? 

My name is Jake Galbraith, at the time of this I am 33 years old. I live in Surrey, in the UK. I am married and have a little boy. I started online in October 2019, after playing around for a bit I bought a course from Jono Armstrong, which really was one of the best things I did, as it catapulted me forward a year or so in having to try and figure things out for myself. I am pretty much at the start of my journey online, but have put a lot into it already and really enjoying it. The name for my site, “Jakeyboom” literally comes from my old “call of duty” name on the PS4 when I used to play with all my mates, then it just stuck and some friends still call me this today! I also thought it was a bit easier than spelling my second name!😜

Now I really didn’t use computers a lot before starting this , I was a “newbie” but I can pick things up pretty quickly and can say now with everyday passing it just gets easier.

I am a Black cab driver, in Central London, and have been for the last 8 1/2 years. It took me 3 years to complete “the knowledge” the test you need to do in to become a Black Cab Driver in London.  The Coronavirus pandemic hit the industry hard, so this was the reason I have started looking online.

I have grown up playing , my team is Chelsea. I have always been into fishing as well, and more recently over the last few years I have been doing CrossFit. I love to test myself physically (and mentally), so a few times a year will always embark on a challenge!! Last year completing the 3 peaks challenge in under 20 hours by pretty much running up and down the 3 largest Peaks in the UK.

220lb Mekong Catfish


I also LOVE to travel, and have traveled a lot of the world apart from South America. With Asia being my favourite, and Thailand top of the list, the food, the people, the weather, and not to mention you can get a massage for £5!! (My wife has 2 a day when we go) 😂

While in Thailand I done some fishing, and managed to catch this massive 220lb(100kg) Mekong catfish!! It took me over an hour, I definitely earned a beer that night!!

I love the freedom you have when traveling, and I love to see how other cultures live daily, so I make sure I really take it all in when visiting these destination.


The Mekong running me ragged

Now, with The Ministry Of Freedom (MOF) the Jono Armstrong course I have started, as I mentioned earlier, it really is the best start for me personally, as you have so much help and support inside the course, and the training made for you in videos is fantastic, and honestly probably saved me at least a few years of time/money and effort.  My end goal is to eventually switch jobs, from working in the Cab in London, to making a living Online. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy my job, but I can see the potential in all this, so will keep pushing on in this journey.


What are my plans for the future?

I’m reviewing and testing a lot of new products that are being recommended to me by top affiliate marketers(and some not so top) people who send me emails so I will be buying more and reviewing them in the hope that I will find some good products. Then people will buy it from me via my affiliate link. This way I’m not only finding what works for myself to use but also helping others like yourself to get a head start with which product to choose. Also in 2021, I will hopefully get into product creation and launch my own products. I have some ideas for this upcoming year for some launches, so watch this space….

Apart from the business side of things, I’m going to be doing some short video posts about how my journey’s going monthly, posted on here, for everyone to out how I m doing. Please keep an eye for all videos on my YouTube Channel, as I will be posting daily review videos, tips and training!!

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed my quick life story, and hope you follow my journey.

If you ever have any questions for me, you can contact me any time at: jakeyboom3@gmail.com



In Hanoi